The light house of Houston

The light house of Houston- Facilities for visually impaired people

The light house of Houston is an organization that was established in 1939. The goal behind the creation of this organization is to help visually impaired people so that they can get involve in the quality way of living. As it is a private, non-profit service centre, it has developed special programs to facilitate the people. Around 7000 people are served every year and the number is increasing with every passing day. The mode of providing facilities is on an individual basis. People are evaluated and then they are provided with the specified facility they need.

The organization has different sources from which it gets the financial support that is required for the proper functioning. The major sources include Lighthouse Foundation, United Way allocations, government service contracts, contributions and industrial product sales.

Programs offered by the light house of Houston:

1.      Educational programs:

One of the major contributions of the light house of Houston is their educational programs that are specifically designed for the visually impaired people. The main goal of these programs is to teach the people so that they can get into normal living. By learning different skills with the use of different techniques, they will be able to work in an effective way for their living.

Major educational services include the office skills training in which different ways are learned by the visually impaired people. With the help of these office skills training, they will be able to perform standard office tasks. This training mainly includes the use of a keyboard, introduction to windows and basic math office. The other one is the customer service which is designed to produce skills to deal with the customers. Other educational programs include the following:

  • Vocational programs
  • Adult literacy programs
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
  • Centre for behavioural health services

2.      Community service program:

Apart from the educational programs that are developed to develop skills in the visually impaired people, the organization also focused on creating programs for the community service. The main facilities that are offered by the light house of Houston include the following:

  • Licensed Adult Day Care
  • Community Independence Program
  • Community Education and Outreach
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Vision Rehabilitation
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Centre for Behavioural Health Services

All these community services are designed to cater special needs, for example, the licensed adult day care program provides a full day productive activities to the adult people who are blind and need help for effective working. Moreover, the therapeutic recreational activities for children and adults allows them to enjoy their life. They will also be able to develop different skills that are required for a normal living. Different programs for infant youth and children allows them to communicate with their families and learn new skills.

All these programs are specifically designed for the visually impaired people. The team at the light house of Houston is still finding new ways to help the people in more ways.