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Be an angel: an organization working for special children

Be an angel: an organization working for special children

Be an angel is a non-profit organization that is working with the mission to improve the quality of children who have some kind of disability. Moreover, children with profound deafness are also considered in the organisation. Special facilities are provided to them including the needed equipment and services that are required for a quality life.

History of be an angle:

This organization is providing services to the children with multiple disabilities from the past 29 years. It was found in 1986 by a concerned parent who identified the needs to the special children. With the identification of these needs, the idea of be an angel was floated. Now, thousands of children are benefitting from the services provided by the organization. They are able to lead a quality life with the equipment and other related facilities. The children are served throughout the areas of Texas including Fort Worth, Greater Houston and Dallas.

Programs of be an angel:

The organization is helping the children with different disabilities and deafness by implementing the following programs:

1.      Barrier-Free playgrounds:

The barrier free playgrounds that are constructed in the areas of greater Houston and Dallas allows the children to play without any kind of boundaries and restrictions. They can also bring their siblings and the able friends with them to play along and learn to their maximum capacity.

2.      Providing hearing aids:

The organization is providing the hearing aids to the children with the hearing disorders. This system started in 2008. The ability to hear is essential for proper learning of the children. With the use of hearing aids, most of the children are able to listen to music, lessons and movies that will help them in learning the language in an effective way.

3.      International assistance:

Another way in which the organization is helping the children is through providing the international assistance to them. There are about 40 severely disable children that are provided with the facilities to live a quality life. Moreover, the CAES School is providing hearing aid to more than 75 children.

4.      Provision of skilled care:

As special children have special needs that should be provided by the skilled people. The organization provides a skilled care to almost every child that has severe medical limitations. This care is provided for 12 hours every month. Due to the involvement of professionals, the betterment of the child’s condition takes place.

5.      Holiday gifts:

The families that are working for the betterment of their special children usually face financial issues. The organization provides the children with the holiday or event gifts so that the financial challenge of their family can be resolved.

6.      Camp for the kids:

Special children need extra care and attention of their families and friends. That is why the organization has provided them with the facility to live in a camp with no restrictions. They can spend a quality time in this camp.


Be an angel is working continuously for the betterment and still, new programs are to be included to provide maximum facility to them.