Covenant House

Covenant house – facilitating the homeless

Homelessness is the issue that is faced by a lot of people per year in U.S. About 2 million youth have experiences homeless and according to the studies, 5000 of these children lost their life on the streets because of the absence of a home. Covenant house is working continuously for the protection of rights of the young people. The mission is to speak up for those who does not have the right to speak for themselves. Just like all other people in the world, the homeless kids have their own rights that should be provided to them. Major rights include the right to food, clothing, shelter, education and the right to free from any kind of abuse either emotional or physical.

Major issues:

The issues on which the organization focuses includes the awareness about the major crisis of homeless children. Other major issues include human trafficking, foster care, living wages, mental care facilities, health care facilities, juvenile justice and in ways to increase information about the homeless children.

Programs developed to help:

The covenant house has developed a lot of programs that focused on different issues faced by the homeless people. As the amount is increasing with every passing day, the need to develop proper program also increases. Following are the major programs that are developed to help homeless children:

1.      Outreach program:

There are situations in which the children do not get to the organization. There can be a lot of factors behind it like the lack of awareness. However, the organization developed an outreach program according to which the children will be contacted on the place where they are. The team developed by the organization is responsible for visiting different places and look for the homeless children who need help.

2.      Crisis care program:

According to this program, the immediate needs of the homeless people is addressed. These needs include quick medical care, hot showers, clean clothes, a safe bed and nourishing meal. The goal is to heal the body before doing something to help the human.

3.      The right of passage:

Rights of the passage is a form of a transitional program that helps the homeless people to learn the ways of leading a normal life. They will learn the ways to earn, spend, save money and to pay the bills. By following this transitional program, they will be able to move in the society in an effective way.

The programs provided by the covenant house not only focus on fulfilling the needs of the homeless person but they also focus on making things much better. As many of the homeless people are the survivors of different tragedies mainly physical or substance abuse, that is why they need to complete their education to develop job skills in themselves. The programs are developed by focusing on the continuous care of the homeless people.

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