Periwinkle Foundation

Another one of the charities based in Houston is the Periwinkle Foundation. The Kevan Casey Foundation is active in sponsorship.

After investigating and becoming familiar with this charities Cancer support The Kevan Casey Foundation decided to assist in sponsorship.

About the Periwinkle Foundation.

The name Periwinkle is taken from a plant,  Perennial Vinca minor. It  is an ingredient in Vincristine, a  chemotherapy medication .

This is fitting as this foundation supports children, young adults and their families who are suffering from cancer or other life threatening disorders and being treated at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

The charity s aim is to help provide emotional healing and support through several programs’.

  1. Periwinkle Arts Programs

Since 2001 the Periwinkle Foundation worked with the Art in Medicine group at the Texas Cancer Center. The belief is that Art is healing.

Local arts organisations provide help and guidance volunteering their services to give the children pleasure and fulfillment through the arts.

Professional writers will sit with children and work on stories, creative writing even poems. These can then be published in the “Splendid Review “.

Making the Mark: Is an exhibition held at the end of each year which displays the talent of the children whether in writing, art, music or drama.

Postcards from the Road; – a travelling arts exhibition is displayed in various parts of Texas. Postcards are available on which people can write complimenting the artist and sending inspiring messages.

There is in addition a weekly show mounted at the Cancer Center with various artists performing for the children.

  1. Periwinkle Camps

Various camps are offered throughout the year which have shown proven psycho social benefits for those who attend.

Periwinkle Camps

The children arrive often wondering if their lives will ever be “normal” again.

After attending the camp they see that they are not alone .Many other kids are just like them. They realize that there are many activities they can still be involved in. Self confidence is raised. The break from hospital routine is in its self uplifting. There are also opportunities to chat with long term survivors.


This camp is specifically held for teenagers between the ages of 13- 18 years. The YOLO refers to “You Only Live Once!”

Family Camps

These are held twice a year and can be attended by the whole family. I.e. parents, sick children and their siblings. It gives families a break from the hospital routines and allows fun family bonding and sharing.

Cancer Center Camp Days

In the summer the waiting rooms at the cancer center are converted to camps for two days. There is a lot of games and fun for patients.

  1. Survivor Programs

There are four different aspects to these program which help in particular once children have left the center.

  • Long term survivor Programs
  • Celebration of Life
  • Socials and Events
  • Education

In addition to the above the Periwinkle Foundation holds several fund raising events annually. The Kevan Casey Foundation has great pleasure being associated with this fine Charity.