Houston Children’s Charity

Houston Children’s Charity.

One of the charities that The Kevin Casey Foundation donates to is the very worthy Huston Children’s Charity. (HCC)

This is a large charity. A non profit organisation, which had a simple start 30 years ago. Lara Ward, offered a $5 a head Spaghetti dinner at her children’s school.

The charity’s main aim is to improve the quality of life of  Greater Houston’s children .They are proud to say that they will never ignore any legitimate call for help.

This charity has for the last 19 years provide funds and support for over 300 agencies helping over a million children.

They have several programs in place which the Kevin Casey Foundation helps to sponsor:

Chariots for Children

They provide purpose built vehicles to help handicapped children and their families. To date the charity has donated 89 passenger vans, 28 handicapped vans, 3 box trucks 1 passenger car and 2 vehicle modifications.

Limbs for Life

This is a program that supplies myoelectric and prosthetic devices to any child who has suffered a loss of a limb.

Along with educating and the correct physiotherapy the child can regain mobility. The early fitment of these limbs gives the child hope and encouragement.


The Houston Children’s Charity Scholarships are awarded to underprivileged youth so they can attend college. This hopefully will result in assisting to break the cycle of poverty in families.

To date over $ 240 000 has been awarded to deserving Houston students.

Houston Children’s Charity Family Emergency Fund at Texas Children’s Cancer Centre.

This is a program which has been developed to support families who are in urgent need and whose children are being treated at the cancer center.

HCC Closet

This was opened in 2005. It is stocked with donated gently used clothing and shoes.  It allows the child parents to “shop” with their children .There is NO cost to these parents and children are encouraged to have fun choosing.


No child should start school disadvantaged. To this end over 20 000 children have been given basic school starter supplies.


A Better Nights Sleep

Every child deserves a good night’s sleep. To date 68 000 bed packages have been provided to children in need. This consists of a twin mattress, bed frame, sheets, pillows and blankets.

Kool Kidz

Temperatures can rise as high as 100 degrees F in Houston. Children –Especially those not well – often need air conditioner. This program has supplied 98 air conditioners to date.

Easter and Christmas Parties /Adopt a Family

Many sponsored Easter and Christmas parties are arranged during these special times of year

Adopt a Family is a special program where sponsors can” adopt” a family  providing Christmas “presents ,special treats and decorations . There is also an opportunity to help out with a few special extras that the family may need.

This is a very worthwhile charity which provides for many needs of children in the Houston area. The Kevan Spacey Foundation is proud to be associated with them.

For volunteering please contact the charity offices on 713 524 2878.