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Episcopal health foundation

Episcopal health foundation

There are not many organizations that work for the better health of the people. However, Episcopal health foundation is one of those organizations who promised to provide better health care facilities to the people of Texas. The major goal of this foundation is to transform the communities into a healthier one. The major goal or focus is to create programs that will help both small towns and major cities to transform into a healthy place.

Goals of Episcopal health foundation:

The organization is working hard day and night for the fulfilment of following goals:

  • The establishment of the strong health system.
  • Development of an effective connection between the communities so that the gap will be removed effectively.
  • To create strategies with the help of health ministry in Texas that will help in the attainment of the above mentioned goals.

Strategies used by Episcopal health foundation:

Episcopal health foundation has a lot of strategies that are applied in different areas for the betterment of the people. These strategies are explained below:

1.      Support comprehensive community-based primary care:

The major focus of this strategy is to create clinics in the nearby areas that will provide quality health care facilities to the people. Moreover, the practitioners that are hired should be experts in their field. By providing quality health care facilities in clinics, the goal of a stable and a healthy society can be achieved.

2.      Increased access to health services:

The organization is working to develop different strategies with the help of which the people will be able to get the health related services properly. It is difficult to go to a far place and wait for the turn. That is why the increase in the medical facilities will allow the access to every individual in the community.

3.      Support mental health and wellness:

There is a need to develop a whole new concept of the mental illness. People should know that the people with mental health issues should be treated in a special way. By creating this awareness, people with special needs will be able to develop effectively.

4.      Enhance early childhood development:

The major focus of implementing this strategy is to enhance the importance of early life in children. As in the starting years, a child is able to learn properly so there is a need to provide the facilities to the children at that phase.

5.      Support capacity building:

The organization is working for the development of different support capacity building strategies that will allow a productive participation of the community people into development.

6.      Facilitate healthy planning:

No community can develop properly if they have not planned the activities that are required for the healthy development. So this organization will focus on the development of new techniques to facilities the healthy planning.

Episcopal health foundation is working hard to provide health care facilities to every individual of the community.

The light house of Houston

The light house of Houston- Facilities for visually impaired people

The light house of Houston is an organization that was established in 1939. The goal behind the creation of this organization is to help visually impaired people so that they can get involve in the quality way of living. As it is a private, non-profit service centre, it has developed special programs to facilitate the people. Around 7000 people are served every year and the number is increasing with every passing day. The mode of providing facilities is on an individual basis. People are evaluated and then they are provided with the specified facility they need.

The organization has different sources from which it gets the financial support that is required for the proper functioning. The major sources include Lighthouse Foundation, United Way allocations, government service contracts, contributions and industrial product sales.

Programs offered by the light house of Houston:

1.      Educational programs:

One of the major contributions of the light house of Houston is their educational programs that are specifically designed for the visually impaired people. The main goal of these programs is to teach the people so that they can get into normal living. By learning different skills with the use of different techniques, they will be able to work in an effective way for their living.

Major educational services include the office skills training in which different ways are learned by the visually impaired people. With the help of these office skills training, they will be able to perform standard office tasks. This training mainly includes the use of a keyboard, introduction to windows and basic math office. The other one is the customer service which is designed to produce skills to deal with the customers. Other educational programs include the following:

  • Vocational programs
  • Adult literacy programs
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
  • Centre for behavioural health services

2.      Community service program:

Apart from the educational programs that are developed to develop skills in the visually impaired people, the organization also focused on creating programs for the community service. The main facilities that are offered by the light house of Houston include the following:

  • Licensed Adult Day Care
  • Community Independence Program
  • Community Education and Outreach
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Vision Rehabilitation
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Centre for Behavioural Health Services

All these community services are designed to cater special needs, for example, the licensed adult day care program provides a full day productive activities to the adult people who are blind and need help for effective working. Moreover, the therapeutic recreational activities for children and adults allows them to enjoy their life. They will also be able to develop different skills that are required for a normal living. Different programs for infant youth and children allows them to communicate with their families and learn new skills.

All these programs are specifically designed for the visually impaired people. The team at the light house of Houston is still finding new ways to help the people in more ways.


Hope Stone

Hope Stone

Hope Stone is a non-profit organization in Houston that’s main focus is to tap into the creative potential of children and young adults. They dedicate their cause to nurturing the creative aspects of communities through various programs. Hope Stone is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the citizens of Houston by utilizing the powerful tool of art.

Hope Stone History:

Established in 1997 Hope Stone has over a decade of experience in shaping young minds in order to express their artistic and creative skills and ideas. By using the arts Hope Stone has been able to teach their students of the importance of having a creative outlet where they are freely able to share their thoughts and participate in many fun activities. By being a part of Hope Stone children do not only have the chance to open themselves up to new experiences in their community, but also have the chance to interact with other children, and learn valuable social skills that they otherwise might not have had the been able to. 

Hope Stone: The programs incited at Hope Stone continuously deliver the development of critical core values that can be implemented throughout life. Values such as compassion, creativity, and problem solving skills. The experiences shared at Hope Stone are cherished by those who are able to become a part of this wonderful program. Children are able to interact with others and form strong bonds, that aid in the formation of important skills. Regardless of the area they are enrolled, whether it be theater, music, or dance, both the mind and body of that participant is fully engaged. The skills that these students learn can be applied to improve the overall success of communities, businesses, and families alike. 

The Hope Project:

The hope project is an outreach program that was first established in 2002. It includes dance, theater, and music programs for children and young adults. Those who are a part of this project are lead by a team of professional working artists who are present to engage and inspire the students. The mission is for the children to participate in an expressive art in which they develop confidence in their talents. Each teacher is invested separately into a specific group of kids to hone in on their talent and ability.

Rather than just taking in the information, the children are encouraged to work in a collaborative effort. Some of the skills developed are interpersonal skills, self awareness, and problem solving skills that allow them to be productive and functioning members of society. At Hope Stone all children will receive equal and fair opportunity to be an active member in the educational and arts based practices provided. All children will be exposed to the wonderful arts.

The arts at Hope Stone provides a complete immersion in educational, cultural and emotional development for the kids.

Hope Stone Dance:

The dance program provided by Hope Stone empowers the artistic community in Houston. This theater performance has been renowned for its powerful and technical pieces.

Lone Star Veterans’ Association

Lone Star Veterans’ Association

This charity which is based in Houston Texas has as its Motto “We’ve Been There”.

This is particularly relevant as it is an association which was formed to help veterans of the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. These returning soldiers needed to be able to meet up and share combat experiences.

Since 2009 the Lone Star Veterans Association has provided this meeting place. It has grown over the years to include returning veterans and their families. As a veteran group they have the largest post 9/11 membership in Texas.

The Kevan Casey foundation agrees with the need for a support system for returning soldiers and has been assisting with donations.

The Lone Star Veterans have three pillars that are fundamental to their service.

  1. Veterans

Purpose is to bring Veterans together by offering social events:

  • Socials
  • Happy Hours
  • Sports events.


  1. Families – This pillar allows for Veterans entire families to socialize and seek help and advice if need be.
  • Veterans Spouse Groups a New group is being established in early 2017. It will be an At Home Spouse Group. There will be kid friendly events but the focus is on having someone to talk to you who understand veterans’ military experiences.
  • Family Picnics
  • Date Night
  • The association runs an” Operation Lone Star Santa” each year. This has become very successful. Sponsors kindly donate toys and arrange meals for Veterans Families at Christmas time. In Dec 2016 they hosted and helped 349 children.
  • School Supply drives
  • Emergency funds
  1. Careers Advice – Advice is given on Profession development.
  • Job Lunches with potential employees: In Houston the association organizes the local Warrior for Life lunches. Lunches are held every third Thursday of the month .This is an opportunity for local business to introduce a wide range of career opportunities and for veterans to circulate their CV’s to potential employees.
  • Workshops with one on one resume coaching.
  • Career Coaches. – During the summer of 2017 the association will be holding a meeting for Veteran Entrepreneurs. Experienced Business owners will be invited to attend to give tips and advice. It is hoped this will become a regular event.


Transitioning from the Military can be difficult .The lone star association works with other groups in the Houston area .Examples of this are:

Goodwill Houston

Texas Veterans Commission

Blue Star Mothers


The association grows from strength to strength. Figures covering 2015 show that there are 6840 members. A total of 925 veterans were assisted. In the warrior for life programme 115 veterans were hired through these lunches.

A final total of 8926 people attended various veterans’ events.

The association relies heavily on volunteer supporters and donations. Figures show that for every $1 donated, 84c supports a veteran programme.

These figures continue to grow as more and more returning soldiers require assistance and advice.


The Kevan Casey Foundation has recognized the valuable service that this charity performs and donates generously.

Contact can be made with the Lone Star Association by telephoning:  281 744 7972.

Be an angel: an organization working for special children

Be an angel: an organization working for special children

Be an angel is a non-profit organization that is working with the mission to improve the quality of children who have some kind of disability. Moreover, children with profound deafness are also considered in the organisation. Special facilities are provided to them including the needed equipment and services that are required for a quality life.

History of be an angle:

This organization is providing services to the children with multiple disabilities from the past 29 years. It was found in 1986 by a concerned parent who identified the needs to the special children. With the identification of these needs, the idea of be an angel was floated. Now, thousands of children are benefitting from the services provided by the organization. They are able to lead a quality life with the equipment and other related facilities. The children are served throughout the areas of Texas including Fort Worth, Greater Houston and Dallas.

Programs of be an angel:

The organization is helping the children with different disabilities and deafness by implementing the following programs:

1.      Barrier-Free playgrounds:

The barrier free playgrounds that are constructed in the areas of greater Houston and Dallas allows the children to play without any kind of boundaries and restrictions. They can also bring their siblings and the able friends with them to play along and learn to their maximum capacity.

2.      Providing hearing aids:

The organization is providing the hearing aids to the children with the hearing disorders. This system started in 2008. The ability to hear is essential for proper learning of the children. With the use of hearing aids, most of the children are able to listen to music, lessons and movies that will help them in learning the language in an effective way.

3.      International assistance:

Another way in which the organization is helping the children is through providing the international assistance to them. There are about 40 severely disable children that are provided with the facilities to live a quality life. Moreover, the CAES School is providing hearing aid to more than 75 children.

4.      Provision of skilled care:

As special children have special needs that should be provided by the skilled people. The organization provides a skilled care to almost every child that has severe medical limitations. This care is provided for 12 hours every month. Due to the involvement of professionals, the betterment of the child’s condition takes place.

5.      Holiday gifts:

The families that are working for the betterment of their special children usually face financial issues. The organization provides the children with the holiday or event gifts so that the financial challenge of their family can be resolved.

6.      Camp for the kids:

Special children need extra care and attention of their families and friends. That is why the organization has provided them with the facility to live in a camp with no restrictions. They can spend a quality time in this camp.


Be an angel is working continuously for the betterment and still, new programs are to be included to provide maximum facility to them.